About Nicole Hemmer (PARTNER | CISSP, CISA)

Nicole Hemmer started her career in 2000. She is the co-founder of Linford & Co., LLP. Prior to Linford & Co., Nicole worked for Ernst & Young in Indianapolis, Chicago, and Denver. She specializes in SOC examinations and royalty audits and loves the travel and challenge that comes with clients across all industries. Nicole loves working with her clients to help them through examinations for the first time and then working together closely after that to have successful audits.

Audit procedures and test of controls

Understanding Audit Procedures: A Guide to Audit Methods & Test of Controls

Type II SOC engagements (for both SOC 1 audits and SOC 2 audits) require walkthroughs and testing of the controls in place at the service organization to be able to opine on the suitability of the design and the operating effectiveness of controls during the period under review. Each control objective or criteria has a […]

SOC report guide

SOC Audit Report Overview: The Definitive Guide

A SOC (System and Organization Controls) report is a report on controls at a service organization related to various types of subject matter, for example: controls that affect user entities’ financial reporting; controls that affect the security, availability, and processing integrity of the systems; or the confidentiality or privacy of the information processed for user entities’ clients.

Cyber security work from home during coronavirus outbreak

Maintaining Optimal Cybersecurity with Remote Staff Working from Home During Coronavirus Outbreak

With COVID-19 requiring nonessential workers to work from home or social distance, many organizations are trying to navigate having their workers not in the office and still maintaining the optimal security methods from their home offices. Keep reading for some recommendations on how to maintain optimal cybersecurity with remote staff. How Do You Keep Up […]

What is Containerization? Security & Benefits

Containers and the concept of containerization has been growing rapidly over the past few years, and many organizations are struggling to keep up with the new technology and keeping their systems secure. If you and your organization are considering trying to use or moving to containers, many of your current security processes and procedures will […]

Audit Sampling in SOC examinations

Audit Sampling in SOC Examinations

In completing SOC 1 and SOC 2 examinations (and most other types of audits), there is testing involved to determine the operating effectiveness of controls. There are different types of tests that can be applied to testing controls (for more information on the five types of tests refer to our article, Five Types of Testing Methods […]