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Jaclyn Finney started her career as an auditor in 2009. She started with Linford & Co., LLP. in 2016 and is currently a manager with the firm. She is a CISA with a special focus on SOC, HITRUST, FedRAMP and royalty examinations. Jaclyn works with her clients to provide a process that meets the needs of each customer and generates a tailored report that is useful to the client and the users of the report.

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Breach notification rule

Breach Notification Rule: Requirements for HIPAA & SOC 2

In simple terms, security data breaches are when a company vulnerability (technical or non-technical [i.e. employee related]) is exploited and, as a result, access to customer information or other data, applications, or networks is granted to an unauthorized individual. When a breach occurs, depending on the security framework, notification of the security breach is required. […]

HITRUST Assessor - Do you need one?

HITRUST Assessor – Do You Need One?

A request for proposal has just come out that is in your company’s wheelhouse but instead of only requiring HIPAA, the proposal suggests that those who are HITRUST compliant either receive more consideration or may be the only proposals considered at all. What happens now? Are you prepared? Do you know what that means? It […]

What's the point of corporate data backup?

Corporate Data Backup: What’s the Point?

Having a plan in place to backup pertinent information to keeping a business running in the event information becomes unavailable for use is an important concept of business continuity. This blog will provide a definition and importance of corporate data backups, outline solutions options, and define best practices used for defining a corporate data backup […]

Security awareness training

Security Awareness Training: Information (IT) & Cyber Security

Exposing employees to the security threats that exploit businesses, seemingly weekly these days, can help companies protect themselves against those threats. This blog will present the importance of security training, options and resources, and the frequency that training should be provided. What is Security Awareness Training? Security awareness training is the process of providing information […]