About Becky McCarty (CPA, CISA, CRISC, CIA, CFE)

Becky McCarty

Becky McCarty (CPA, CISA, CRISC, CIA, CFE) specializes in SOC 1 and SOC 2 examinations for Linford & Co., LLP. She completed her Master’s degree in Information Systems in 1996, started working with KPMG in 1999, and joined Linford & Co., LLP in 2018. She works closely with clients so that the examinations are performed efficiently and with minimal disruption while ensuring performance in accordance with professional guidance. She enjoys helping clients successfully achieve the requirements for their SOC audit reports based on their applicable trust services criteria.

SOC 2 privacy audit

The SOC 2 Privacy Audit

The trust services criteria applicable to a SOC 2 privacy audit covering the privacy criteria applies only to personal information such as health records, payment card information, or other personally identifiable information (PII). This is different than for the confidentiality criteria which applies to various types of sensitive information such as customer lists, product specifications, […]

What is data security

What is Data Security?

Data security refers to the controls implemented by a company to protect its data from unauthorized access and corruption. A good control environment around data security isn’t built on trust, it’s built on controls that are operating effectively allowing verification and adequate oversight. The implementation of mature data security protocol and measures by which individuals […]

Change control management for service organizations

Change Control Management for Service Organizations

What is Change Control? Change control is a standardized process by which all changes are introduced into a production environment in a controlled and repeatable manner that ensures only authorized changes are being deployed. For service organizations, the change control process is considered an IT general control and the service organization’s change management controls will […]