About Rhonda Willert (PARTNER | CPA, CISSP, CISA, PMP)

Rhonda is a Partner at Linford & Co. delivering risk services including service organization control (SOC) engagements, and Internal Audit services (IT and Business process audits). Rhonda has her CPA, CISSP, PMP, and CISA certifications and delivers leading-edge client service. Previously, Rhonda was a Managing Director at Deloitte, and brings a wealth of expertise in the areas of risk management and compliance.

ISO Certificate Verification

ISO Certificate Verification: Considerations & Guidance

Within this blog post, we will discuss the importance of knowing how to read an information security standard ISO certificate received from an ISO-certified entity. The knowledge gained from this blog will assist readers in determining that the certificates they obtain are valid. Receipt of a valid ISO certification certificate from a vendor or subservice […]

SOC for supply chain reports

SOC for Supply Chain: Professional Guidance for Supply Chain Audits

Software supply chain attacks increased by 650% during 2021.  In addition, Gartner® predicts that by 2025 “45% of organizations worldwide will have experienced attacks on their software supply chains, a three-fold increase from 2021.” The need for users to understand supply chain processes and the controls that exist to minimize risks around supply chain activities […]

Static code analysis in a SOC 2 control inventory

Static Code Analysis & Static Code Review: Are These Key SOC 2 Controls?

Static code analysis and static code reviews are key controls in a company’s control environment, specifically related to the system development lifecycle and change management processes, and should be considered for inclusion in a company’s SOC 2 control inventory. Adopting static code analysis and static code reviews and integrating these controls into a Company’s control […]

The importance of preventative controls

Preventive Controls & Their Importance To the Security Control Environment

Security controls are a critical component to meet a Company’s primary SOC 2 goals of security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy of data. There are different control types that can be implemented, and each control that is mapped to a control type is represented with a different identified functionality and purpose. Controls are put […]

Client acceptance for SOC 2 audits

Client Acceptance: Procedures and Auditor Considerations for Approval

Service organization management and the service auditor each have specific responsibilities in a SOC 2 examination. This blog describes the service auditor’s responsibilities, including the preconditions of engagement acceptance and the importance of understanding the terms of the engagement with management. If you are a service organization looking for a new service auditor, client acceptance […]