About Lois Colby (Partner | CPA, CIA, CISA)


Lois started with Linford & Co., LLP in 2020.  She began her career in 1990 and has spent her career working in public accounting at Ernst & Young and in the industry focusing on SOC 1 and SOC 2 and other audit activities, ethics & compliance, governance, and privacy.  At Linford, Lois specializes in SOC 1 and SOC 2 audits.  Lois’ goal is to collaboratively serve her clients to provide a valuable and accurate product that meets the needs of her clients and their customers all while adhering to professional standards.

ALL ARTICLES BY Lois Colby (Partner | CPA, CIA, CISA):
Understanding audit assurance

A Guide to Audit Assurance: How Do Assurance, Attestation, and Auditing Fit Together?

In the world of accounting and audit services, assurance, attest, and audit play key roles. The question often arises: What is audit assurance? What is the difference between these three terms? How do they relate or complement each other? A definition check with Merriam-Webster provides the following: Assurance: the state of being assured: such as […]

Detective Controls

Detective Controls & Their Impact on the Overall Control Structure

Every organization should design a control structure to identify and address risks related to internal and external forces that impact an organization.  This control structure includes four main types of Internal Controls: Manual Controls IT Dependent Manual Controls Application Controls IT General Controls Preventive and Detective controls can be found within each of these four […]