About Newel Linford (MANAGING PARTNER | CPA, CISA)

Newel Linford is the co-founder of Linford & Co., LLP, the Managing Partner, and specializes in SOC and royalty examinations. He started his career with Ernst & Young in 1997. He has lectured at Data Center World, Rocky Mountain Area Conference for Finance & Accounting Professionals, University of Denver, and University of Colorado Boulder. He works closely with his clients so that the examinations meet the public needs and are performed in accordance with professional guidance.


The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and the AICPA

With all the commerce and other types of transactions and information that traverse the Internet, it is useful that there are organizations such as the CSA, AICPA, and many others, which are focused on serving the public’s interests. And while nothing will ever give complete assurance as to the internal controls for a service organization, SOC audit reports go a long way to providing a level of assurance that is acceptable to most people and organizations.