About Natalie Munro (CISA)


Natalie Munro specializes in SOC examinations for Linford & Co., LLP, and is currently a manager with the firm. She started her career with Ernst & Young’s Risk Assurance group in 2014 after completing her Masters of Accountancy from the University of Georgia. Natalie’s experience includes internal and external audits across multiple industries. She enjoys learning each client’s processes to help them meet their customer’s needs as well as fulfill regulatory requirements.

Guidance for access management controls

What Are Access Management Controls? Guidance for Audit Compliance

One of the key parts of security compliance consists of access management controls. Whether your organization is aiming for compliance with the AICPA’s SOC criteria, NIST framework, GDPR, or even HIPAA certification, access controls play a key role in the internal control environment. Throughout this blog, we will explore the types of common access management […]

what is data classification?

What is Data Classification? Data Classification Levels and Compliance

Data classification is the underlying focal point of many compliance standards and requirements. Identifying, categorizing, and maintaining data protection can help achieve compliance requirements, reduce legal risk, prioritize the implementation of security controls, and in turn effectively allocate resources. Knowing what data your organization collects, uses, stores, processes, and transmits and the level of security […]

Internal Audit Planning

Why Is Internal Audit Planning Critical To An Effective Audit?

The task of internal audit planning can be overwhelming and involve many individuals. Sometimes it is difficult to even know where to begin. In this article we will break down a few of the common questions when it comes to an internal audit, elaborate on the key steps to the internal audit planning phase, and […]

HIPAA Security Rule Requirements

HIPAA Security Rule Requirements & Implementation Specifications

Compliance with the requirements of the HIPAA Security Rule starts with understanding how it is constructed. The HIPAA Security Rule is part of the overall HIPAA Privacy and Security Rule and consists of standards and implementation specifications. Per HIPAA Security Safeguards: Each Security Rule standard is a requirement: a covered entity must comply with all […]